Play infinite.

To keep the game going


We are a design company inspiring the future through design for play

From designing the narratives to exploring the concepts that influence thought, meaning and decision-making. We don’t design the play, we design for the circumstances for play to arise.
The name oblivio derives from "oblīvīscor", the Latin word for state of forgetting or loss of memory

Who We Are

We are people who enjoy playing with ideas, think in abstract and seek novel experiences. Curiosity, creativity and imagination influences the origins we design, and the future we hope to change.

To design better systems, by playing with unconventional ideas and making them meaningful and purposeful.
Inspire the future, where people feel joy and enthusiasm, are free to imagine, seek ideas and invent new ways, to completely engage and play.

How We Work

We explore a range of different ideas, a whole set of possibilities, but there is a moment when we mentally commit, when we fully concentrate on a challenge for as long as it takes to get it done.

Our Values

Play is exploring
Being playful and being curious are the root of creativity and innovation.
Run by ideas
Being playful and being curious are the root of innovation.
Focus attention
Get so immersed in an activity as if nothing else seems to matter
Trust & Cooperate
Nurturing trustworthy and cooperative environment is the foundation of functioning and right working social systems.
Give clear feedback
Clear goals tell us what we’re doing and immediate feedback tells us how to do it better
Ask Question
Dive into the known or unknown ideas or people, see what they have done and how they have done it, study and share it.

Seeking infinite imagination

We’re seeking to create, and creating as we seek, through careful observation, correct interpretation and Practical application.

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